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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar - The Movie

I had been a teeager when Jesus Christ Superstar the musical movie was shown in big theaters nationwide.

It was criticized by many and labeled as blasphemous but I find it endearing and full of insight and wisdom. The songs too are superb matching each character in the story.

Photo by udn

The movie depicts the last 7 days of Christ in Jerusalem where he was tortured and crucified.

Acting as Jesus Christ was Ted Neeley and Judas was Carl Anderson. Ted Neeley was very effective in his role.

He portrayed the character well and one can almost "see" what Christ looked like in the early days.

The rest of the cast were equally capable of portraying their characters well.


Ken Armstrong said...

"He's a man. He's just a man.
And I've had so many men before,
In very many ways,
He's just one more."

From 'I don't know how to love him'.

Good song!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I know well that song. It has a double meaning, but I would like to think

Happy blogging.