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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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The History of Boeing Airliners

The Boeing Airliners has its own illustrious and significant place in history as one of the largest air transport manufacturers and one of the two biggest aerospace defense contractors for civilian and military planes all over the globe.

Its history spanned two world wars and several years of aircraft creation and development, from the simple, B & W seaplanes to the majestic Boeing KC -767, in which Boeing Airlines had always taken the lead in introducing innovations and new frontiers in aircraft production.

The company had humble beginnings in 1917 when its founder William Boeing merged his company with Pacific Aero Products Company to form the Boeing Airline Company in 1918. The first planes built by them were the seaplanes, which were popular during those times.

Further modifications gave birth to the Boeing 247 which made its initial flight in 1933. It was the first, safest air transport in airline history.


What You Need to Know About Airport Security and Cameras

With the growing threat of hijackers, saboteurs and terrorists, it is understandable that airports had tightened security and increased their surveillance cameras to ensure that passengers would be safe and sound within the plane and within the airport's premises.

It is the airport's responsibility to do so and being familiar with these security measures would help a lot in avoiding problems in the future. The security measures in each country differ from each other but the general procedures are the same


Cabin germs: How to avoid getting sick from flying

Cabins may be teeming with microorganisms like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, micrococcus and viruses.

Photo by Ma1974
They maybe pathogenic or non-pathogenic, so passengers must be extra careful about cabin air because they might get infected with the pathogenic microbes. Researches proved however that in ordinary situations...


jakill said...

Great way to get Helium clicks, Jena. I read both of these again. Well done.

One tip that might interest you. When you are editing and proofing your work, watch out for passive tense and consider in each instance whether it would be more appropriate to turn it around so that it becomes active.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Jean,

Thanks for the suggestion, it is appreciated.

Head on to Helium they have made awesome announcements today.Happy blogging .

tashabud said...

Wow, Jena, you tackle all sorts of topics. I'm very impressed. Do you ever get at least a shut eye? You wrote another excellent post. You go, girl. Just relax once in a while, though. And don't kill yourself, writing.


Jena Isle said...

Hello Tasha,

This is my way of relaxation. I am relaxing while writing, because I love it.

I would "die" if I don't

Happy blogging.