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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sure Ways to Earn Money On Line

I wanted to share this with all readers because I want to share my good fortune; and I also want others to know about legitimate ways to earn online . I have meant to write about this topic last week but due to various writing opportunities that came my way, I could barely attend to my blogs, except to drop some cards and comment on some interesting posts.

I started blogging since March of this year. At first, I just blogged because I wanted to write, to bring out some of my thoughts lest they’ll burst out of my brain. Lol...

I had come across blogs that talked about earning online and had read somewhere that one can earn real money from blogging.

I thought if I can catch two birds with one stone then so much the better, so I added my Google adsense ads. I was dismayed to learn that it barely earned for me. It took me months to earn $15. I tried bidvertiser, clixsense,, home page earning, but I have given them up altogether as I didn’t earn anything even close to a dollar. I tried Performancing ads too, but it seems they have some problems (See Turnips blog for updates on this) so I decided to delete all their ads.

I tried also smorty, but I did no see any writing opportunity there or ways to earn a respectable amount of money, so I also decided to delete it.

Triond is one good writing site too, but I have to post many articles before I could earn a cosiderable amount; and all articles should have never been published.

Whenever I have an article on science, I usually post it there. The advantage there is that they have any payout limit. They pay your every month, no matter how little you have earned.

Then I came across MyLot forum. I was happy I did, because I joined primarily to interact with global users through discussions, questions and answers.

I found to my delight that they pay you for posting and replying. I reached their payout ($10) within 3 weeks. I have earned more than $15, which was the first real money I have earned on line.

You would earn much more, depending on your dedication and the quality of your dicussions and replies.

I met through my lot, writers who wrote for other sites, that was when I came to learn about

I was skeptical at first when I read them posting about how they were earning more than a $100 dollars a month. I thought it was impossible, because of my previous experiences. A dollar a day would be good enough and I was earning $1.65 at MyLot.

But I thought again, there was no harm in trying. I registered for Helium and posted a few of my articles from my blogs. I was glad they allowed this, as I can’t find time to write new ones.
Photo by _StaR_DusT_

I browsed around the site and discovered that there were several ways a writer could earn money: the marketplace, citizen’s contests, writing contests and so many more.

Reluctantly I joined their Writing Contest on the topic Nutrition and Basics. I wrote 7 short articles (400 minimum words) and forgot all about it.

I did visit the site now and then but had stopped hoping to win when I saw my rank below 50 %.

You could just imagine my surprise therefore, when I received $40 in my paypal account. When I checked where it came from, it was from I was so happy! It really is an unbiased site.

From then on, I had browsed all available writing opportunities they offered. I earned another $22 from their summer Rewardathon, a WSP (Writer’s Stimulus Package) and also still earning daily from my page views.

Every week, they change the topic of the Writing Contest and this week, they have “Conditions and Diseases” which I am quite familiar with so I’m going to join.

The past week, my rank went 1, 2, 3 and then down. I hope I’ll win, but if I don’t, I still have my page views as earnings from the articles that I wrote.

I could not imagine writing a total number of 78 articles if not for Helium. The site motivated me to write and write and write, because I am able to compete among the best and improve my craft as well.

And I have also written for the Marketplace, in which advertisers pay writers for articles they have selected for their products. They usually pay you within the range of $24 to $176 depending on the article needed.

Photo by Chaparral [Kendra]

I am barely a month there but I have earned already $ 72 and still the earnings are coming in for the on going contests and marketplace offers and the page views I get daily which would be a lifetime income for me.

What’s good about helium is that, except for the MARKETPLACE,I can post previously posted articles from my blogs as long as I wrote them.

Now I believe that you can earn big money online if you are in the right site and you are dedicated and have a passion for writing.(and mind you, this is not a paid post!) I'll be earning if you'll make me your referral, but it does not matter to me. You can go directly to Helium and register. I just want you not to miss this chance of a lifetime!)

What are you waiting for? Come and join me and get paid for doing what you enjoy- WRITING!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jena:

Great to have you as a member of Helium - and thanks for the great write-up on the site. Keep telling all your friends.


Mark Ranalli
CEO, Helium Inc.

PS: We share a few favorite books -three of mine are Battlefield Earth, Atlas Shrugged and War and Peace.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Mark,

I'm glad you've noticed this write up. I had thought you weren't visiting blogs.

I committed several typos in this post as I was too much in hurry..sorry for that.

Thanks for the visit and hope to have more visits from you in the future.

Happy blogging.

jakill said...

Hi Jena. I did join Helium but I've been so busy I haven't posted any articles yet. I'm glad the contests are giving two weeks to write now as that may mean I can manage it.

I hadn't thought about using former blog posts as articles. I'll have to take a look at mine.

Helium has definitely improved since I first looked at it.

Cheers, Jean

Carnation said...

hi jena, thanks for this info. i will try to go to that site and check it out.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

You can post your articles from your blog. Just find the right section, if they're not there then you can submit a title for approval. Click the my Helium and in your lest side bar, you'll find all you want to know. Good luck.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Carnation, yes you should give it a harm in trying., Good luck.

Alfredo said...

I also have some money maker site
but more on Paid to Click Programs
I like your list of site where in I haven’t encountered most of them.
If you got time please inform me more about this.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Choi, thanks for the offer, when I will have time I'll visit the sites. Cheers.

The Success said...

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if you want to know and interest about what kind of sites, I would love to share with you and email me to

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Note : Don't worry I will tell you which one violate google or not, so I hope your PR will not penalize by google like me lol

Jena Isle said...

Hi success, my hands are full as of now with helium. Perhaps in the future. Thanks for the visit.