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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Help me in Welcoming a New Blogger!

Let’s all welcome to the blogging world my dearest friend from India - Krishna.
He was reluctant at first to create a blog but I prodded him on. I assured him that we are a friendly lot here in the blogging world, and I was able to convince him.

Now he had created his blog: "KRISHNA'S MUSINGS" and had written his first post within 15 minutes. He had to hurry to a significant task. But he promises to attend to blogging eventually. His first ever topic: "Terrorism in India and Abroad" is a good read (although written in a few minutes).

Why don't you pay him a visit and leave a comment. I am sure this would motivate him to write more of his great thoughts.

Let’s all welcome a new blogger to our exciting world.

photo by Mike Licht,...


Carnation said...

hi i've given you an award. pls come and check it over at my blog!

Jena Isle said...

Hi carnation, thanks for the award. I appreciate it a lot.

Carnation said...

hi jena, u r welcome! u've got great ideas in ur blogs!