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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Esoterical Journey

Ray Gratzner was tagged by Luiza, who in turn was tagged before by RUFUS.

Now, Ray Gratzner of The Esoterical Journey, decided to ask me this question which I wish someone had asked me even before... lol.

I copied this excerpt from Ray's blog

"The rules are:

* Choose whose brain you want to pick.
* Ask a question about what you always wanted to know from that person, never mind whether it may be indiscreet - so be cautious ;)
* Tag (with a TrackBack) the person
* Oh, yes, and of course answer the question that you were asked, more or less detailed

My question from Ray is, " DID I EVER WANT TO BE A MAN?"

Well, Ray...I always wanted to be a man (this is the first time I'm revealing

But I'm an optimist, so I let do of whatever I've got, and appreciate it instead.

But yes, I always wanted to be a man. These are the reasons why:

1. Men do not need to spend several minutes to dress up - matching shoes, bags, ear rings, etc., and the make-up time is still not included. For men, pants, shirt cologne and you're ready.

2. Men can always take the initiative when they want something, like courting a woman they love. Women have to wait for men to make the first move, which is frustrating at times.

3. Men are stronger physically and this is a proven and accepted fact. They can carry heavy things around (like carry their woman?), reach easily for the ceiling, don't have trouble pushing the cart, etc.

4. Pretty women are more beautiful to look at than handsome men,(lol), I mean, I could never tire looking at the face of a beautiful woman, while my focus is easily distracted when I'm looking at a handsome man.

5. Men are easier to be with, less hassles and less gossips. I seldom see men gossip.

6. And lastly, If I were a man, I won't have to suffer menstruation and pregnancy and post menopausal syndromes and pre-menstrual syndromes, etc.which only women suffer.

Setting Sun Flower by: Francis Scudellari

I sometimes wish I was a tall, sinewy man with the correct set of hypothalamic nerves and aortic valves- a man with a heart that is greater than his brain.

But since I'm a woman and not a man, I still thank God that I'm normal and for giving me the chance to be a mother and the light of the home.

Now I would like to ask these questions:

For Tasha Bud of The Big Picture - what was the most romantic moment in your life?

For Francis Scudellari of Caught In The Stream - How would be your version of the Madonna look like?

For Mike of Live Life365- What would you consider as the primary inspirational quote that we all should remember?

For Eric S. of Ruminations of A Small Town Mountain Boy - What do you think of cats? Do you like cats too? if no, why not?

For Ken of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff - What would be the title of the first book you would be publishing and why?

For Brady Frost of Hunting the Muse - How would you categorise your short stories?
(The Boy In The Window, etc)? Why?

For Fiendish of Baa Baa Blogging - May I know what your nickname is? Does it start perhaps with the letter S? Why Fiendish?

For Mathe Baniaga of Pinoy All Around the World - Where would you rather stay, back home or abroad?

And for Ray- you may post the answer here..(smiles). What positive characteristics do you admire in a woman? (ooops, is it too personal? You may or may not answer it. It's okay.)

I'm excited to read the answers to these questions!