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Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Invitation to a Book Tour: A Puppy, Not a Guppy on December 15, 2009

There will be a virtual tour of the book : A Puppy, Not a Guppy by Holly Jahangiri which is scheduled in my other blog Jena Isle’s Random Thoughts on December 15. It's a collector's item, and you'll learn why on December 15.

To make it more exciting, a contest would be held; the detailed mechanics will be posted on December 14, 2009.

There would be four (4) winners of the contest:

1. Two (2) winners of the Contest proper, to be awarded by the book author – Holly Jahangiri.

2. One winner of a $10 prize (thru paypal) to whoever would be asking the book author the most interesting question. I will be sponsoring and selecting this winner. A link back to my blog, ( if you have a blog) would be the only requirement.

3. One free Inspirational Book (Anthology of Bloggers all Over the World) would be awarded to whoever has the most interesting comment on the blog post about the book tour.

More detailed information about the book would be posted at Jena Isle’s Random Thoughts on the date scheduled.

Holly Jahangiri would be answering all your questions.

I look forward to your participation!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working Abroad in Scotland


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Filipinos Abroad Easily Adapt to Their Working Environment

Anywhere you go around the globe, you'll always find Filipinos in all types of jobs. They blend well and adjust very quickly to circumstances, new cultures and different environments. They are also often commended as dedicated workers.

What characteristics do Filipinos possess? Why do they easily adapt to their working environment? Below is a list of these endearing qualities that make them unique from other employees:

1. Filipinos are resilient and indomitable. Most of those going abroad to work are looking for greener pastures, because a good paying job in the country could not be found. It is for this reason that they are forced by circumstances to adjust to the new environment - whether they like it or not. This is a better option than going back to the country to suffer the indignity of poverty and misery.

2. The English language is the second language in the Philippines and it is used as the medium of instruction in all schools. This language is recognized all over the country. This makes it easier for Filipinos to adjust in a foreign land because good communication is facilitated, and is not an obstruction to effective dialogue with the host country. There are even Filipinos who are fluent in Chinese, Malay, Spanish and French.

3. Previous long standing relationships with other nationalities make Filipinos easy to work with. They have no air of arrogance around them but are secure in their uniqueness, so they would usually, be willing to compromise and adjust to existing working conditions.

4. The Filipino culture has ingrained in them the value of hard work and industry (mahalin mo ang trabaho mo love your work), so they do not have qualms of flexing those muscles to earn for a living. This makes them more flexible in the workplace and easily adapt to various work ethics.

5. The "utang na loob" practice is a noteworthy characteristic that all Filipinos have. The belief that when someone does a favor, this could only be repaid - not by money - but by a favor in return, makes the Filipino a grateful person. For jobs that send precious money back home, the Filipinos would be happy to easily adapt to their assigned tasks.

It is a general observation that Filipinos are even more behaved abroad than in the Philippines. It is because they know that foreigners have less tolerance for errors and misbehavior. Although there is the factor of fear involved in the equation of adaptability, the mere fact that they could easily adapt to their working environment is a positive characteristic that every Filipino should be proud of. I am proud of this too because I am a Filipino.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top EC Droppers for October

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Place That Tourists Should Visit

Tourists should visit this scenic place in Laguna, Philippines.

Monday, September 28, 2009

An Appeal for Help for Flood Victims

There are thousands of families which were displaced by the typhoon Ondoy; many were not able to save anything from their homes, except their lives. Many lost their lives. As of today, 140 are dead and 32 are missing. It is difficult to remain unaffected by the plight of these homeless families. Let's give a hand with whatever we can provide and donate.

Prayers are very much needed too. Read on.

This has been reposted from Jhong Medina's Qlickblogs

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Video by INITIATE360

List of verified relief centers for 'Ondoy' victims

Ateneo de Manila University Disaster Response Group

Go To: Ateneo de Manila University

Loyola Heights , Quezon City

Manuel V. Pangilinan Building Center for Student Leadership Lobby

University Dorm Cervini Hall

09089977166, 09178952792, 4266001 local 5050

Look for: Gio Tiongson, President, Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral


Operations: 24-hours operations for the entire week.

You can:

  • Donate goods like bottled water, sardines, canned goods, candles, cup noodles.

  • Volunteer to help repack relief goods, administer basic first aid.

  • Report missing persons.

  • Seek evacuation/temporary shelter at University Dorm Cervini Hall.

    Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC)

    Go To: 72-A Times St., West Triangle Homes , QC .

    Hotlines: 9299820, 9299822

    Operations: 8 a.m. onwards.

    You can:

  • Donate money, old clothes, blanket, bigas, munggo.

  • Volunteers to help distribute goods.

    Radio Veritas

    Go To: Veritas Tower , West Ave. cor EDSA

    Look For: Karla Turingan

    Hotlines: 9257931 to 39, 0918 VERITAS

    Operations: 24-hours, tentatively until Tuesday.

    You Can:

  • Donate old clothes, food, assorted goods, bottled water, cash.

    Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

    Go to: 12 F. dela Rosa cor. C. Salvador Streets, Loyola Heights , QC

    Hotlines: 632 4342397, 63 2 9290665

    Operations: 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. for Sunday, until further notice.

    You Can:

  • Donate packed meals, bottled water.


    Victory Fellowship – Fort Bonifacio

    Go to: Victory Fellowship, Every Nation Building , across from Market-Market, Fort Bonifacio

    Look for: Pastor Bernard Marquez

    Hotlines: 813-FORT, 8171212

    Operations: Tentatively until 5pm may may extend hours. Entire week until Friday.


    You can:

  • Donate canned goods, milk, bottled water, clothes, cash.

  • Volunteer to help pack relief goods

    Compiled by Annalyn ArdoƱa and Patricia Faustino, GMA News and Public Affairs

  • Saturday, September 12, 2009

    How to Avoid Getting Sick With Cabin Germs

    Microorganisms are found everywhere, especially in enclosed areas like cabins. Bacteria, like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, micrococcus and viruses, may be present in the environment. They maybe pathogenic or non-pathogenic, so people should take precautions to avoid being infected with these pathogenic microbes.

    Researches proved; however, that in ordinary situations where there were no passengers with infectious diseases, only the non-pathogenic microbes were present in the cabin air, and there was no cause for alarm.

    Non-pathogenic microbes (like micrococcus), exist in the air and the environment and do not usually cause pathologic conditions. Some pathologic microorganisms include Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Hemophilus pertussis and, up to a minimum extent, the rhinovirus.

    Airlines must have a screening procedure to make sure that persons sick with infectious diseases should be isolated in special cabins.

    Ordinary colds are sometimes overlooked by Airlines personnel as the passenger may not be exhibiting the viral symptoms. The colds viruses though, of which the most common is rhinovirus; are very contagious because they are easily airborne and could travel through the air from one person to another.

    The following extra precautions therefore, should be observed by passengers:

    1. Any coughing person should be reported to the stewardess for proper management. Do not stay in the direct path of the person's cough projectile. The droplets from the cough are contagious.

    2. Wash your hands with soap and water every time you go to the john and before you eat. Washing hands is still the best prevention against infection.

    3. Make sure you bring with you a hand sanitizer or an alcohol (70 % isopropyl alcohol) to sterilize your hands after washing before you commence with your snacks or meals. The isopropyl alcohol will eliminate most of the bacteria present in your skin.

    4. Wearing a face mask with a special pore that filters all unwanted bacteria is good but would be seen as taking it to the extremes, and would prove to be embarrassing. Weren't the athletes who arrived in China with their masks on, reprimanded?

    5. Remember that money is one of the most common agents of transporting infectious bacteria. Do not smell money or play with it, even if they are yours. You do not know how many change of hands happened prior to your acquiring them; and whether all the persons who had handled it were healthy.

    6. Have a handy air freshener with antibacterial properties ready. This could help in minimizing bacterial multiplication, (a short spurt would do), but if airliners do not permit this because they have their own filtering and air sterilizing procedures in-flight; then there is no point in bringing one.

    7. Have medications ready for first aid treatments. Antibacterial lozenges taken in, on the first sign of a soar throat generally stops the condition from progressing further.

    No matter what you do, just keep in mind that microorganisms which maybe pathogenic or not, exist in the air and in every surface of the environment. You should therefore, attempt to stay as clean as possible by observing the above-mentioned precautions. Avoid getting sick from flying by being knowledgeable. Cabin air after all, does not make you sick if you know what to do, so relax and enjoy your flight.

    Photo by Matt From London

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    Monday, August 31, 2009

    Mastering Piano for Sight Reading Disability People

    Since childhood, I would always like to learn how to play the piano. I am just being thrilled when I hear the piano music, and also being amazed how pianists can do that like magic. I promised myself that I will do my best to learn it when I grow up, and somehow could perform at least for my loved ones.

    Years later, I became busy with school and then work. It is just recently that I felt I have now time to have some piano lessons. But I must admit, my eyes are now tired and my mind is having a hard time identifying the notes. It also seems that my hands could not cooperate with my brain well enough. I keep studying them all over again, and I notice that I am only getting worst. I just thought I am not really for piano, and I am only good as a listener.

    However, I know there is still a solution and it must start by improving my sight reading capability with the piano keys. Reading the music sheet alone brings me headache, what more if I am reading it while playing the piano. But I know I need to be patient and should practice more, and I hope I can learn it with less effort and time.

    I am sure that there is a correct system and it has to be related with sight reading development. Nevertheless, the system should be user-friendly and can be also applicable to beginners. This early, I want my children to start learning the piano without pressuring them and pass the knowledge to their children. As a parent, I know how important it is for children to appreciate piano music and playing it efficiently is a good way.

    Right now, I am just glad that a family friend recommended me to check out sight reading music and it seems that it is worth to try. Visit now sight reading music now.

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Airline Reviews: Emirates

    An exceptional journey from start to finish," is the slogan of the Emirates Airlines. The airline had bravely stood by this slogan and had tried its best to live up to this ideal but as expected there are still some suggestions on how to improve the customer service provided for by the airlines.

    The Emirates Airlines is the official flag airline carrier of the United Arab Emirates which is based in Dubai, in the Middle East.

    Its planes are Boeings and Airbuses, the model planes for the 20th century.

    It gained recognition around the world because it won several awards, one of which is the "Airline of the Year" awarded by the Diners Club Magazine for three successive years: 2004- 2006.

    It is also considered as the largest airline in the Middle East as regards to the number of passengers and fleet.

    Although the company states that the food services in the First Class passenger cabin and the Second Class are the same, there is still a difference from that of the economy class, which is understandable.

    If a passenger wanted a more comfortable seat and exquisite dishes, then he has to fly First Class. It is expensive to avail of the Airline's best services.

    Recently Saudi privatization had been considered to cut on costs. Continuing efforts by the Arab Civil Commission (ACAC) and the Arab Air Carriers Organization was expected to result to the reduction in costs of Airline travel not only with Emirates but with other Airlines as well.

    The First Class cabins have highly commendable services from the comfortable seats, to entertainment, to food and to service personnel; while some passengers in the economy class had complaints regarding the cramped reclining seats which proved to be uncomfortable for passengers with bigger frames; there were several comments also of users regarding their ground procedures.

    According to one comment, smoking was not prohibited in some lounges so the cabins were full of smoke and the smell of cigarettes permeated the air.

    There were more positive comments however. The Airline's in-flight entertainment had more than a hundred channels with a wide digital screen that maximizes viewing. Some people were also appreciative of their flat seats on long haul flights.

    The food and wine selection were rated excellent and good, together with the other services.

    Recently on July 2009, Emirates Airlines made air transport history when it bought the second Airbus A380. This awesome plane travels from Dubai to New York and vice-versa with all the amenities that a sheik or king would wish for.

    The Airlines have impressive customer service evaluations that would make it one of the leading Airlines around the world.

    All in all, Emirates Airlines have an encouraging review with an almost perfect score, 4/5!

    Photo by HAMED MASOUMI

    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Poverty: A Disease That Prevails Even Abroad

    Poverty is like a bad, scary movie.
    It doesn't seem real, not until it happens to you. Poverty in Third World developing countries is widespread and opens your eyes to reality. Street children and homeless people are increasing in number day by day. We catch a glimpse of almost naked children plying the streets for food and for shelter.

    Sometimes they even resort to drastic means to satiate their hunger pangs. Child prostitution and sex slavery are usually caused because of poverty. But do we truly care? We read about them, sometimes watch these stories on TV; but does the story make the front pages? Do we do anything to help these people?

    How many of us would stop by and help a person in dire need? How many of us would even dare to help one of these unlucky people or feel it was our business to do so?

    We drive in our air-conditioned cars and close our windows so we would not be bothered by what is happening outside our safe cocoon. We pretend not to notice anything amiss when we happen to pass by a crawling, hungry child.

    We watch in horror as children recount what horrible things they had to go through to be able to feed their hungry siblings, but we never do anything that would, in one way or another, help these miserable lot.

    For those residing in more developed countries: have you ever donated to charity any amount to show your support? Have you, at any point in your life, given something from your heart to needy and indigent people?

    This need not be material. You can share your time, your knowledge or your sympathetic ear; or are you one of those who shrug their shoulders and say, "Who cares?" and go on their daily, merry way?

    It is this apathy which causes poverty to be "not-news worthy" on the agenda of news "makers".

    It does not bother you because it does not concern you. You can't understand because you haven't experienced waking up in the morning with a gnawing, hungry stomach. Poverty will be important news to you, only when you'll find yourself among these indigent people someday.

    Then - it will be real for you.

    You must remember that life is like a wheel. Sometimes you'll be up and sometimes you'll be down. Why wait for poverty to become your own important news story? Be generous to help while you have the means. Help alleviate poverty by contributing in your own little way and by showing the news media that this is an issue important enough to address.

    Your contribution maybe in kind or in whatever form you can afford, as long as it's heartily given. You need not be rich to do this: old clothing could help the homeless woman across the street; contribute to help feed the poor; or better yet, help all those whom you can recommend for a decent job. Teach a man how to fish and you would have helped him for the rest of his life.

    Poverty should always be an important news story to you and to the society we live in. Be concerned and make this your headline news. Don't wait for it to be knocking at your doorstep before you decide to help. As the cliche goes: "Ensuring the welfare of others is ensuring your welfare as well." When society accepts this fact, perhaps the poverty problem will be given due attention by the media.

    Photo by Ahron de Leeuw

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Abroad: Wakeboarding as an Exciting Hobby

    Learning a new sport is never easy, but once you've got the hang of it, then everything would be a breeze.

    Wakeboarding is a worthwhile sports that you could get into. It could build your stamina, strengthen your muscles and would keep you physically fit.

    It is also an outdoor activity that you would definitely enjoy.

    But what is wakeboarding?

    Wakeboarding is like surfing, in that it uses a rope and a board to ride over the waters. The difference is that a boat tugs the wakeboarder along the water.

    So what are the things that you should consider before you start wakeboarding?

    The gear to use

    Buy your own gear that fits you and that you're comfortable with. If you are really interested in this sport then you have to buy a board that could last longer.

    Bindings (used in attaching yourself to the wakeboard boat) should also be selected wisely. Just like your board, they should be the tested brands. A shorter rope is advisable for beginners. Don't go for cheap and untried brands. You can actually save money by buying a set of gears that could last for years than buying cheap ones every 3 to 6 months.

    The wakeboard boat

    You should only buy the boat when you're absolutely sure that wakeboarding is for you. If not, then you can always find a ride. Investing in something that you would just do for a few months is not practical.

    You should surf the internet for good buys. You could also look around for a second hand but durable boats.

    Learning the ropes

    With the right gear you are ready to start your wakeboarding experience.

    Have a positive mind set. You are willing to learn wakeboarding because you're interested in it. You want to enjoy the activity.

    Be sure to remember important tips like: have the correct stance. If you're a skateboarder then it would be easier for you to find that proper stance left foot or right foot forward? Balancing is a skill and could be acquired, just be patient and keep trying.

    Your bindings should not make you feel uncomfortable. Allow your instructor to show you how to hold the ropes correctly. The bindings should be angled correctly. This maybe from 0 to 30 degrees depending on your stance.

    The crouching position is best used at the start and then slowly shift to the standing position as you achieve equilibrium in your balance.

    Practice makes perfect! As you are more exposed to wakeboarding , you'll gain more expertise in the activity. Remember to enjoy the experience!

    Photo 1 by over_kind_man

    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    Do You Think Your Blog Is Influential?- A Contest at Earthlingorgeous

    Let's help Earthlingorgeous discover emerging influential blogs by recommending at least 5 blogs to complete her list to the ongoing Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs contest.

    Here are my original choices as submitted in my first post, and I will be adapting them too in my list for earthlingorgeous' contest.

    Earthlingorgeous will award great prizes to winners in her contest.

    1. The Struggling Blogger

    This blog is owned by Roy dela Cruz, a loving father cum doting mother to his 3 children. I always call him, the "indomitable" blogger because of what he writes and how he writes his articles. There's a certain, wanton angst in his undaunted words. But mind you, he's not only that - he has a sweet side too - he's a poet and a short story writer. Now, can you beat that? A Jekyll and Hide? lol. Just kidding , Roy. I know you've got the bird's eye view of this man. If not, then visit his 13 blogs -yes 13!-( the others are multiply accounts), and you'll surely comprehend the conundrum of this man behind these blogs.

    Here are his informative and well written blogs:

    I am a witness also, to how his blogs grew slowly but steadily into popular blogs in the blogosphere. He has now an increased readership and is fast becoming a blog to beat; hence this endorsement. Way to go, Roy!

    2. Zorlone

    Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino known in the blogging world simply as Zorlone is now considered one of the top ranking blogs in the creative writing division of Entrecard.

    He says : "I am a specialist in Internal Medicine.
    This blog will be dedicated to my other passion, writing. Starting a practice in medicine sure gave me a lot of time to write. While waiting for patients to come, I found myself typing articles for helium and for this blog."

    And true enough, he is not only a competent doctor but a superb poet and a short story writer as well. He has already won writing contests sponsored by other blogs and writes for two great sites - Helium and Triond where his articles are excellently ranked .

    I have seen how his blog grew from one reader -that's me - to a well read blog in just a matter of months.

    His blog is only 4 months old but he has 41 followers to date, and his posts are very well commented on. I have now to wait in line to be able to comment... lol... I could only have one appropriate word for this occurrence - a "Phenomenal" event!

    I have no qualms in recommending ZORLONE as one of the Top 10 emerging influential blogs.

    3. Writing to Exhale

    I chanced upon Jan's blog when I was reading Roy's comments. Jan has this certain jocularity and profoundness rarely seen in writers. I came out laughing - but more informed - from his post: Sex Taught Me All the Things I Need to Know About Blogging.

    Sometimes he gets more than a dozen comments in his posts. There is a certain "charisma" that a reader can't ignore.

    He writes with flair and aplomb and I admire him for such boldness. The blogosphere needs writers like Jan - not fearful to express their - sometimes - scathing and atypical thoughts.
    Informative articles about diverse topics ranging from blog contests to The Lost Art of Being Silly, and many more extraordinary posts are featured in his blog.

    His blog deserves a vote for this contest.

    To Jan -Kudos to you!

    4. LifeLots

    IRENE is the author of LIFELOTS, an upcoming blog which inspires and motivates its readers to live life to the fullest.

    At her young age (19 yrs), Irene speaks with so much wisdom and a startling conviction about vital topics that only adults are supposed to know of.

    She says: "No regrets, just lessons learned..."

    With her jovial disposition and unfaltering optimism, she is a blogger worth visiting. Don't just drop and run though, for there is so much wisdom you can glean from her posts.

    HERE'S ONE ARTICLE I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR YOU TO PONDER ON. It is entitled: Interpret tough experience as an exercise in compassion.
    This is only one of the various topics in her inspiring collection.

    Hop over her site and peruse her posts and you'll understand what I mean.

    Irene, keep holding a torch for those wayward souls who have given in to apathy and indifference. The blogosphere needs you!

    5. Father Blogger Dot Com

    Angel Cuala is the formidable man behind this blog.

    Like most fathers, he writes passionately about his family and how to be a successful family man both emotionally and financially as well.

    He has that unfaltering faith in God that makes him meet the challenges that life has to offer. read his post about family : "Battered Wives: Not Just a Problem of Physical Abuse" and "Blogging Tips".

    You should visit his blog and learn from his first hand experiences.

    He says : "Being a former street child who was raised without a mother, my advocacy now is to help all families to stay together and be happy. This is very far from what I used to do, but this is very close to my heart."

    This blogger who has triumphantly hurdled numerous "trials" that life assailed him with, deserves a vote from everyone!

    Keep going Angel, we'll always be praying for you.

    6. Dear Bloggery

    I just had the pleasure of "meeting" Snow from Roy's post and I am delighted to see how lovely she But there is more behind those sparkling eyes, the lady has a lot inside her dura matter .

    I visited her blog and she has a lot to offer with regards to being updated with current events, local news and many more interesting stories.

    Snow has this to say for herself: "I am currently working in a multinational firm but loves to write about anything under the sun. I also like a lot of stuffs but digs on reading, web surfing, travelling, shopping and writing as my major hobbies."

    She is fast gaining friends in the blogging world and is starting to exert some influence which would soon be felt by many bloggers, for sure. Right on, and keep writing Snow!

    7. Life of a Teenage Writer

    Izzy Daniels is the author of this blog.

    "I've picked up a love for writing, and enjoy other activities, such as telling jokes, and break dancing," he says.

    His posts like, "5 Things you should learn before starting a blog" and other articles about blogging and writing are worth a read.

    They are informative and rich with good insights.

    He writes for and is into a variety of genre: creative writing - "The Admiration of a Good Friend", novels - "A Letter From Tobias Zeling" and poetry- "Hole" .

    If you need help, Izzy is one generous blogger who is willing to spend time just to give a hand to a fellow blogger.

    Thanks Izzy, the blogosphere needs more bloggers like you and you deserve a vote for the Ten Most Influential Blogs for 2009!

    8. I Love-Hate America

    This blog is authored by BING.

    She is a highly spirited woman who can be generous and sweet, but who would speak out her mind with candor about issues she feels strongly about.

    Her blog is fast emerging into a blog which could serve as the popular "voice" of Filipino immigrants in America.

    I copied this verbatim from her "About Me" page: "
    Married to an American man whose of Irish and French-Canadian descent, and spends most of my time at home, managing the household, working as administrative support for my husband's musical career, copywriting, blogging and networking online."

    Just like what her blog's name indicates, she blogs mainly on topics that deal with the negative and positive aspects of being an immigrant in the the US of A.

    Visit her blog to know why she deserves to be voted as one of these influential blogs.

    9. Tales From the Mom Side

    I consider this list incomplete without a blog that represents the hardworking Moms (HWOMs) out there. One such blog is Tales from the Mom Side.

    This blog is authored by Dee who writes about Love and Relationships, Money Matters, Parenting , Reading and Writing, Giveaways, and many more topics that only a mother could expertly discuss.

    We watch the same genre of movies : "Mamma Mia, North & South, Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version) The Duchess, The Notebook" ( I cried a river in this movie, did you cry too Dee?)

    The lady is not only a doting and loving mother but (I believe)is also a successful career woman. I am certain she deserves a vote from this blog. Good luck, Dee!


    This newly created blog is owned by Kevin Paquet, a 17 yr-old student from Davao City. Kevin co-authors Pinoy Teens - which is ranked 11th, nationwide, among thousands of blogs in the Top Pinoy Blogs.
    Isn't that quite a feat? (mine is only no. 432...something). To list more of his superb credentials, here's an excerpt from a post written by his blogging buddies:

    Start of excerpt:

    "...The Digital Filipino Club event when you came home with bright eyes saying “bes, we’re the tenth hottest blogs among the new blogs for 2008“? Or the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, the WordCamps that you have attended in Davao City and Saint Benilde; Manila? Still it seemed to be “nothing” really special to him..."

    End of excerpt.

    The ultimate award of becoming one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, would be the crowning glory to his blogging career.

    I tip my hat off to these young bloggers. Although they still have a long way to go to improve, I could not ignore their unyielding angst to be recognized by other bloggers. This admirable attitude made me vote for him.

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    How to Get News and Entertainment From Local and International Programs

    Having a local and international array of TV programs is often not available from common TV providers. You may either have the local only and no international access, or you may have a limited international access.

    Having both therefore, is the dream of all TV enthusiasts. Converting your TV into Direct TV would solve this problem.

    You could call 800-378-931 to avail of handsome packages , including special offers and TV resources.

    Directv could also give you more specific options which could be made available from them, like sports, DVR, movies, local listings and international programs abroad.

    This would not only give you a maximized utilization of the use of your TV but also a truly enriching experience.

    People in the entertainment and news industry are also aware of this; that is why they have made television even broader with a connection from different states like Direct TV Houston TX.

    With the global expansion of networking and the internet, Direct TV, would provide you with several options that you could choose from.

    You can select programs that would suit your lifestyle and preferences.

    Direct TV could serve as your essential link to news and entertainment here and abroad.