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Friday, March 6, 2009

3rd Year Anniversary-Christ The Way of Salvation Church - Ibiza, Spain

An active Church in San Antonio, Ibiza Spain - CHRIST THE WAY OF SALVATION - has united the Pinoys in that land of famous beaches and greatly frequented scenic spots. A place of respite during summer to famous people like Duran Duran, Penelope Cruz and many more celebrities, Ibiza, with its sparkling beaches, serves as a unique and invigorating haven for them.

There are a number of Filipino workers in Ibiza and they have established a Church to feed their souls – CHRIST THE WAY OF SALVATION. Filipinos value being “makaDiyos” (God-fearing) and are deeply religious people. Recently, they celebrated their 3rd year Anniversary last February 22, 2009 and their powerful theme was “REDEEMING THE TIME BECAUSE DAYS ARE EVIL.” (Ephesians 5:16), where their Pastor- PTR. JOSIE BARTOLOME -talked about Christ as the only means to spiritual salvation.

It was a momentous day, composed of programs, plays, sharing, and camaraderie among Church goers. The word of God, has indeed reached the hearts of the congregation for they were one in spirit, helping each other generously when a member is in need and showing to the rest of the world that Christians can only be seen through their Christ-like actions and not through their mere speech.

Here are the videos, as arranged by Christopher Roxas and wife-Imee. This is the play that was presented during the celebration which portrays that revival of one’s faith, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s savior, is a wonderful spiritual journey.

May God bless all of you there in Ibiza, and may He shower you with good health and happiness!






Angel Cuala said...

I really admire people who are keeping a very strong faith in GOD. Actually, my admiration goes to all religion as well.

I strongly believe that it is the faith that makes us a better person, and not the religion itself.

Pls. extend my greetings to them.


Jena Isle said...

Hello Angel,

You're right, faith does work miracles. Thanks and God bless. I'm sure they'll read your comment.

HotMomma said...

Hi!Jena! I think this is very relevant to me because just last month, we also started a church here in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK for Filipinos. We have a large community of Filipinos here and we have seen the need for a Filipino church where we can worship the way we used to back home.

There is always a cultural dimension to worship and so, a church that reflects our being Filipinos is most important to encourage us in our faith.

I hope and pray the the church in Ibiza will continue to be faithful to their calling. Thanks for sharing this.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Mathe,

Thanks for taking time out from your very hectic schedule to read this. I'm glad that you have established one there in your part of the world. I do hope that other workers abroad would follow both of your examples. I pray for the success of your endeavours.

Take care and God bless.

Roy said...

nothing like the support of a community to strengthen one's faith... works for me.

being with my community, somehow i feel my faith renewed.

congratulations and happy anniversary to the Christ The Way of Salvation Church in Ibiza, Spain!

Jena Isle said...

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the visit. Indeed our encouraging words here back home would mean all the difference for our workers abroad. May they remain safe, sound and happy.

tashabud said...

It appears that your kids are very involved with the Church there. It gives them a sense of community and a sense of belonging.

Tasha said...

Hi Tasha,

Thanks for the visit and happy blogging.