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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Best Performance Ever at American Idol

I am not really an ardent follower of TV series abroad, but sometimes I catch glimpses of shows that I fancy. I don’t watch them regularly though. One of them is the American Idol program, which I would watch when I was not too tired from work and could sit for a while in the living room.

One singer that has caught my eye (or shall I say "caught my ears?" , he , he ,he ) is CLAY AIKEN. He has such a powerful voice that he deserves to be called the American Idol.

Although he has finished second only during Season 2 of the show, he achieved the biggest sales in records after the contest. He had been very successful in his singing career selling albums after albums.

Amidst his busy schedule, he still finds time to be active in social projects in third world countries.

Success did not come easy however, to this young man. When he first auditioned, the three judges, headed by Simon Cowell gave him a thumbs down, because according to them he did not look like an American idol. He was skinny, had eye glasses on and looked like a nerd. Simon even said he was ugly.

He was accepted the second time around though, because they could not ignore his powerful voice, and the rest is history.

Listen to him sing Bridge Over Troubled Water and discover for yourself his awesome performance.

Do replay the video to be able to listen to the uninterrupted version

Video by ejaymu
These are the judges comments after his performance:


zorlone said...

Do you find it interesting that majority of the cretive artists in American Idol are men?
We have the gift! hehehe!
I would add Chris Daughtry (Season 5) David Cook (Season 7 winner) to that list and a new contestant Adam Lambert (Season 8).

Happy listening!


Jena Isle said...

Hi Z,

Yeah, David Cook is good too. Adam Lambert, I have not heard yet. Thanks for the visit.

Jhong Medina said...

I agree !!


Great Blog Z

tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
I just now saw this post. I see that it was dated April 11, 2009. I've never watched an American Idol show and have never seen or heard Clay Aiken sing before until now. He sure does have an amazing voice. I'm glad that he won and that Simon finally voted for him.