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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Important Pointers in Buying a Fleece Jacket

A Fleece jacket is a necessary and significant outfit, not only, for persons who go outdoors more often; but also for persons of all ages no matter what their preferences are.

It is therefore imperative that the fleece jackets that you purchase should be of high quality and durability.

What are the tips that should be considered in buying a fleece jacket?

The price ranges from $ 39 to $ 1,990.00 or more, depending on the specifications that you wanted. Consider your budget, but do not sacrifice comfort for the few dollars that you could save. Comfort should be your primary consideration.

Look for a fleece jacket that is tailored in such a way that it does not keep riding up when you lift your arms. Remember you will be lifting your arms a lot. Try the jacket on and lift your arms several times to determine if it stays in place.

Examine the inner and outer layer. They should be composed of warm, durable 100 % polyester, Massif or DuPont Tm nomex.

It should be super abrasion- resistant composed of polytitanium. It should also be waterproof, windproof and fireproof. A straight zipper in front would be best to reduce exposure to water and wind. A reversible zip would also make it easily manipulated.

It should be breathable and light weight

The excess heat and sweat will be removed from the body through this breathable layer. If it is light weight and breathable, it would also dry quickly.

The hood should be adjustable

This would help you fit the hood snugly however way you want it; maybe with the hood up, or you could roll it down when you want to.

Front pockets

Front pockets that have easily adjustable inside pockets is a must. This is where you could place the small important personal things that you would want to carry on your person at all the times.

Elastic cuffs

This will keep the draft outside and could easily be manipulated to suit your needs.

Machine washable and with anti pilling finish for durable comfort
This would be for your convenience. Imagine if you have to wash it!

Even if you are not a fashion conscious person, it would be a great compliment to you if people admire how you carry the outfit. Choose a jacket that is soft, good looking, stretchable and that which flatters your body shape.

If you are on a budget, you could buy it from any army surplus store even On line. You could pay less for the same high quality mentioned above. Just have the patience to go over all their available items until you find that perfect fleece jacket for you!


zorlone said...

Makes me want to buy a jacket right now! LOL. Then again, I would wait til summer ends.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Z,

You could wear it, inside your airconditioned Cheers.