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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Place That Tourists Should Visit

Tourists should visit this scenic place in Laguna, Philippines.


jakill said...

I wish I could, Jena. Thanks for sharing it.

azlaydey said...

I am not a tourist, but I would love to go back since I did live in Angeles off base on National Hwy when my husband was stationed at Clark AFB in 1959-1960. I have wonderful memories of the people that I met and the food of the region. From the Google Earth maps, it looks like the area outside the base is now all industrial. It that correct?

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Jean,

Perhaps someday? lol. All the best.

Hi azlaydey,

Yes, it is now. The food and people remains the same though. You should visit in the future. Best regards.