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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Filipinos Abroad Easily Adapt to Their Working Environment

Anywhere you go around the globe, you'll always find Filipinos in all types of jobs. They blend well and adjust very quickly to circumstances, new cultures and different environments. They are also often commended as dedicated workers.

What characteristics do Filipinos possess? Why do they easily adapt to their working environment? Below is a list of these endearing qualities that make them unique from other employees:

1. Filipinos are resilient and indomitable. Most of those going abroad to work are looking for greener pastures, because a good paying job in the country could not be found. It is for this reason that they are forced by circumstances to adjust to the new environment - whether they like it or not. This is a better option than going back to the country to suffer the indignity of poverty and misery.

2. The English language is the second language in the Philippines and it is used as the medium of instruction in all schools. This language is recognized all over the country. This makes it easier for Filipinos to adjust in a foreign land because good communication is facilitated, and is not an obstruction to effective dialogue with the host country. There are even Filipinos who are fluent in Chinese, Malay, Spanish and French.

3. Previous long standing relationships with other nationalities make Filipinos easy to work with. They have no air of arrogance around them but are secure in their uniqueness, so they would usually, be willing to compromise and adjust to existing working conditions.

4. The Filipino culture has ingrained in them the value of hard work and industry (mahalin mo ang trabaho mo love your work), so they do not have qualms of flexing those muscles to earn for a living. This makes them more flexible in the workplace and easily adapt to various work ethics.

5. The "utang na loob" practice is a noteworthy characteristic that all Filipinos have. The belief that when someone does a favor, this could only be repaid - not by money - but by a favor in return, makes the Filipino a grateful person. For jobs that send precious money back home, the Filipinos would be happy to easily adapt to their assigned tasks.

It is a general observation that Filipinos are even more behaved abroad than in the Philippines. It is because they know that foreigners have less tolerance for errors and misbehavior. Although there is the factor of fear involved in the equation of adaptability, the mere fact that they could easily adapt to their working environment is a positive characteristic that every Filipino should be proud of. I am proud of this too because I am a Filipino.


Anne said...

I worked with a lady, Lucy, who is Filipino and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Even when she doesn't like something she stays positive and smiles. I knew her prior to our working relationship - her son took my daughter on her first date. =)

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Anne, thanks for that good comment. Filipino nurses are also considered as one of the best nurses. All the best.