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Friday, February 20, 2009

Travel Destinations: Angeles City, Philippines

Angeles is a city mirroring two images; that of the beauty of nature and that of the glitter and glamor of city life. If you're bound for the Philippines, then it is one city that you should visit.


The city is located in Region III, north of Manila / NCR (National Capitol Region), Philippines. It is more or less 80 kilometers from the Capital.


From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), one can take an airport taxi to nearby bus stations ( Victory Liner, Rabbit, Dagupan Bus lines most buses going up north pass by Dau the entry point to Angeles City.) The Victory Liner is the most comfortable, based on the author's experience. Only the Rabbit Bus lines however, has a station inside the city. For the other buses, a stop over is usually done at Dau which is a jeepney- ride away from Angeles. There are ordinary buses and air con buses which offer affordable prices .

Private cars could be rented and taxis from the airport could bring you directly to Angeles, but it would be more expensive than the bus fares.

If you decide to take the bus until Dau, then you could ride a jeepney from Dau to Angeles. You have to walk though, the short distance from the bus station to the jeenpney stop. If you're totally new to the city, a taxi ride from the NAIA Airport provided by legitimate and certified airport taxis should be utilized.

The Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) is situated also inside Clark Freeport, (which was previously the US Clark Air Base.) Travelers from different entry points could now land directly at the airport. Flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , Incheon Korea, Singapore, Hongkong and Thailand are quite affordable.

For first time-travelers, it is not advisable to hail a taxi outside of the airport for these are no longer covered by airport rules and may not be guaranteed for your personal safety. Accidents can happen in any part of the world no matter what safety precautions are in place if you don't travel wisely. One could easily be lost in the crowded, metropolitan mazes.

Within Angeles city, jeepneys and tricycles are readily available.

Recommended places to visit:

If you're a nature enthusiast, the remains of Mt. Pinatubo would be a good place to go. The remains of the eruption in 1991 are still indelibly etched on the landscape.

The oldest house-Pamintuan's residence found at Sto. Rosario St. could be a treat for you. The intricate designs of the house reflect...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Way to Receive Mails

Amidst this internet and world wide web explosion, mailboxes are still a very safe and tested method to receive mails. Some of my relatives are abroad in the United States and Europe and it is always a joy when I receive postcards and pictures from them through mail. It is totally different when you hold the cards and pictures in your hand and be able to feel the texture. You could also bring them anywhere you would like to. It is also wonderful to arrange them in albums or scrap books. You cannot do with emails, unless you print them of course, but still - the original copies are still the best.

You won’t have anymore problem worrying about unsafe and inappropriate mailboxes. There are a variety of mailboxes which you could select from in this site. There are commercial mailboxes which would be ideal for businesses and other non-personal mails. Apartment mailboxes would be good for personal mails while cluster mailboxes are cool for a more formal environment or set-up.

These mailboxes are equipped with high security locks and are available in different styles and various options. There are standard horizontal and vertical styles, single or multiple styles, corporate, collection boxes, letter boxes, and corporate styles. There are experts who would be assisting you to provide the mailbox that would definitely suit your style and pace. There is something for everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Adding Brilliance into Your Life With Lights

I am afraid of the dark; I always sleep with the lights on. Most often, I had nightmares when I sleep in the dark. One time the light bulb exploded probably because it has been on non-stop and had over heated, so my son had to buy a durable one which could fulfill my preference for brightness. But doesn’t everybody love brightness because of the broader perspective and vision that light brings?

If you’re in need of “lighting” fixtures, lamps, chandeliers and other types of products, then with “fine arts lamps” you’ll get the following advantages:

1. You could select from thousands of brands of lighting products of any kind without needing to search somewhere else. Their product search tool would enable you to conduct a thorough search on several brands like “hinkley light fixtures”, “minka gallery lighting”, to name a few. You’d be amazed at the variety of their extensive collections.

2. They have both indoor and outdoor lighting products which are guaranteed to bring you the best service for your money. Indoor products include bath vanity strips, mini-pendants, desk lamps, floor lamps and all fixtures you may need inside the house.

Outdoor products like deck lights, landscape, post mount lanterns and flood lights are just a few products among the thousands that you could avail of for lesser amounts.

3. It is cheaper and more affordable and amazingly - with more durability and sustainability. You’re sure not to get your lights busted at the middle of an important occasion.

4. All brands are featured in this site; you could browse per brand, per lighting style or application.

This would be the most appropriate, durable and less expensive way to have style in my indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. I am sure that my chandelier would not go off and conk out at the precise moment that I want it to shine brilliantly in one of my melancholic nights.