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Monday, July 20, 2009

Airline Reviews: Emirates

An exceptional journey from start to finish," is the slogan of the Emirates Airlines. The airline had bravely stood by this slogan and had tried its best to live up to this ideal but as expected there are still some suggestions on how to improve the customer service provided for by the airlines.

The Emirates Airlines is the official flag airline carrier of the United Arab Emirates which is based in Dubai, in the Middle East.

Its planes are Boeings and Airbuses, the model planes for the 20th century.

It gained recognition around the world because it won several awards, one of which is the "Airline of the Year" awarded by the Diners Club Magazine for three successive years: 2004- 2006.

It is also considered as the largest airline in the Middle East as regards to the number of passengers and fleet.

Although the company states that the food services in the First Class passenger cabin and the Second Class are the same, there is still a difference from that of the economy class, which is understandable.

If a passenger wanted a more comfortable seat and exquisite dishes, then he has to fly First Class. It is expensive to avail of the Airline's best services.

Recently Saudi privatization had been considered to cut on costs. Continuing efforts by the Arab Civil Commission (ACAC) and the Arab Air Carriers Organization was expected to result to the reduction in costs of Airline travel not only with Emirates but with other Airlines as well.

The First Class cabins have highly commendable services from the comfortable seats, to entertainment, to food and to service personnel; while some passengers in the economy class had complaints regarding the cramped reclining seats which proved to be uncomfortable for passengers with bigger frames; there were several comments also of users regarding their ground procedures.

According to one comment, smoking was not prohibited in some lounges so the cabins were full of smoke and the smell of cigarettes permeated the air.

There were more positive comments however. The Airline's in-flight entertainment had more than a hundred channels with a wide digital screen that maximizes viewing. Some people were also appreciative of their flat seats on long haul flights.

The food and wine selection were rated excellent and good, together with the other services.

Recently on July 2009, Emirates Airlines made air transport history when it bought the second Airbus A380. This awesome plane travels from Dubai to New York and vice-versa with all the amenities that a sheik or king would wish for.

The Airlines have impressive customer service evaluations that would make it one of the leading Airlines around the world.

All in all, Emirates Airlines have an encouraging review with an almost perfect score, 4/5!