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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Law of Supply and Demand

The law of supply and demand in health economics is simple and yet very complicated. It simply means that the demand of certain good should be met with the supply in order for goods to be at an equilibrium price, that is, there will be no increase in the price. The other scenario is for the supply to be more than the demand so that the price will decrease. When the demand is exactly met by the supply, then a state of equilibrium exists.

In health economics, this concerns four general aspects: personnel, land, technology and cost.

Personnel problems concern sufficient number of doctors, nurses, nursing aides, med. Techs, pharmacists and physical therapists. For economics to be successful concerning health personnel, ways and means should be adapted to maximize whatever number of personnel available. The budget for continuing education of health personnel could be maximized through a cost utility method. That is one personnel attends and then, “echoes” the seminar, lecture or updates to his colleagues.
Alternative but effective methods of therapy could also be utilized to come up with maximization of resources. Each land area should be used effectively and to its optimum.

Technology should be used for all patients and not only for a selected few. Health economics means the appropriation of limited resources effectively and optimally. The resource should be appropriated where it is most needed. If there is an excessive supply in one health branch, this should be given to another branch that needs it more.

Health economics does not only look into the financial aspects of the health community but also into then other aspects like technology, personnel and land. For cost to be properly appropriated there should be proper planning and implementation.

Technology should only be purchased if that particular area needs them. Machines and technology should be relevant to the needs of that area; it would be wasted money if the technology bought will only gather dust and become rusty.

An example is when the area has more cardiovascular patients, then an ECG would definitely be needed; if the area has more lung diseases, then a chest x-ray should be bought. These are all examples to optimize the scarce resources available areas or states.

The law of supply and demand in health economics is a vital issue that health officers should look into. It is microeconomics, which contributes towards macroeconomics. A thriving national economy depends upon these various microeconomics.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working Abroad in Spain during Christmas

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Surviving 50 days in the South Pacific Ocean

Suva, November 26, 2010 - Surviving 50 days in the South Pacific Ocean is a miracle for these three young men from the Island of Tokelau. According to international news, they have disappeared for 50 days after sailing from the New Zealand territory for a neighboring atoll during early October.

Some family members held memorial services after several days, presuming they were dead, especially when air force rescue operations failed to yield results. Hence, it was a great surprise when a New Zealand fishing boat found them drifting aimlessly in their small boat in the South Pacific Ocean.

They were then brought to Suva, at the Suva Public Hospital for medical treatment. The names of the three are, Filo Filo, Etueni Nasau and Samu Pelesa. The boys claimed they survived on raw fish, sea birds and rain water.

They lose weight, were sun-burned, dehydrated and had to undergo thorough medical examination. They gamely waved to cameras though and were warmly welcomed by their families and friends.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preparing for Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

Teenagers are very hard to please. You have to be in the same frequency as their brain wavelengths to be able to discern which Christmas gifts they would most appreciate. Here are some gift ideas that could help you decide gifts for your teen girls:

1. Gift certificates

You will never go wrong with these certificates! They could range from as low as $ 50 to $ 1000 or more. With these certificates, they are given the freedom to choose what they would truly want.

Buy the gift certificate from a department store that is large enough to provide her with several options; from gadgets, to make-ups, to stuffed toys, to appliances and many more.

This will also save you the headache of deciding what best to buy for her. The price could also be adjustable according to your available budget.

She would be happy too, that you're treating her as an adult by allowing her to decide.

2. Cell phones

Teenagers would welcome the latest cell phones available in the market. It would make them "cool" in the eyes of their peers. Remember, this is one of their utmost concerns, to be accepted and looked up to by their friends. Belongingness is vital at this stage of their lives.

3. Dresses in fashion

Teen girls dress up for fashion. They don't want to be considered nerds or pariahs among their peers. Balance your taste between her comfort and the on-going fashion. If the present fashion does not cater to your taste, don't worry so much as your fashion several years ago; likewise, does not cater to her taste. Each generation has their own sense of how people should be dressed, so you must respect hers.

As long as the dress does not shock your sensibilities and does not show half of her soul, then it would be okay.

4. The latest iPod model

This is assuming that you have enough financial resources to buy this. A teenager usually looks "cool" to her peers when she owns the latest of anything. Of course, you have to make her realize that this is not necessarily the case; that good character is still the genuine factor that makes someone cool.

5. Jewelry

Trendy and fashionable ear rings, necklaces and bracelets, even if they're not 18 carat gold, are welcomed by teen girls.

In fact, online it is one of the most ordered commodity - tinker bells, juicy couture and many more. You could also order her birthstone. Make it more meaningful by personalizing it with her name engraved on it.

6. Scent collections

A set of scents that would suit her different moods would be good. Teen girls usually want to experiment with scents. If your budget is not enough then opt not for the purse concentrates but the diluted colognes or sprays which are usually cheaper.

7. A Book on one of her interests

You could buy her a book intended for growing up teens; like "A Smarty book for Teen Girls", "How to Deal with First Crushes", "Sewing and its Benefits", "The Autobiography of Princess Diana", and many more. You have to be aware of what she is interested in.

If the book interests her enough then, she would stay at home to read it thereby, keeping her off the streets.

8. Cameras

Digital cameras which are handy are trendy to teenagers. Buy the color that she likes and personalize it. A teen girl is struggling to establish her identity and adulthood and nothing would beat the exhilarating feeling of knowing that she has full possession of the object.

Whatever you decide to give your teen girl for Christmas, always do it with love. Love is still the vital factor that would make the Christmas gift complete and meaningful. Happy holidays!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dazzling Kalinga Costumes We can be Proud of Abroad

Vibrant colors characterize the Kalinga costumes. The "bongol" or necklace are precious stones from barter or trade with the Chinese, which are used as wonderful accessories.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donnie Darko Costumes for Halloween in America

If you want to wear the most fearsome Halloween costume try the scariest Donnie Darko Costume. The costumes were inspired by the 2001 psycho-thriller film Donnie Darko. The movie is about a very disturbed teenager who sleep walks and sees an imaginary evil friend Frank the Bunny. Frank the Bunny tells Donnie that his world would end in 28 days. Donnie Darco hallucinates of death and evil things happening in his surroundings. The movie was not a hit and it almost did not break even. The film; however, gained a following and a cult when it was shown in videos.

Donnie Darko Rabbit costumes

Frank the Bunny costume for kids is a Donnie Darko costume that your kids will love to wear to Halloween. Let your child give the neighbors a fright this Halloween with the ragdoll Frank Bunny costume or the, deluxe Frank Bunny costume for kids. Included in the costume is the scary mask and a rabbit bodysuit. You can also mix and match the skeleton costume with Frank the Bunny mask.

Frank the Bunny costume for adults

The adult Frank the Bunny costume is a creepy scary costume that will surely make your friends shout with fright. It includes abody suit made of 100% polyester, and a full mask made of latex, and 100% polyester. It is available in one size that fits most adults. Available in most stores is the officially licensed Donnie Darko

Frank the Bunny costume priced at $149 to $200.

Before you decide to buy any Donnie Darko costume shop online and compare prices. You can actually buy your Halloween costume at the lowest price if you have the patience to search. Your best Donnie Darko costume is just a click away. Wear your Donnie Darko costume and inflict fear and terror to your neighbors.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hong Kong Islands Getaway

By Richard Ryan R. Mergal

Hong Kong Island Itinerary

Hong Kong is a place like no other and a Hong Kong Island Itinerary ensures that you get the best out of your experience. The island is home to western and eastern culture that features old streets and colonial buildings contrasting with celebrated shopping malls and skyscrapers. Hong Kong also exhibits modern finance and commerce but also flaunt of ancient Chinese tradition and several parks and gardens, which will make your visit an unforgettable one.

Picturesque Places

A seven-day visit to Hong Kong should include harbor and city views, visit to known temples, city markets, parks, and gardens and other new destinations. The trip should start of with ‘The Peak’, Hong Kong’s best tourist destination that features the Peak Tower and the Peak Tram. This spine-tingling experience provides an unbeatable view of the city and harbor on board the oldest mode of public transport available in Hong Kong.

Parks and Gardens

After an extraordinary experience at The Peak, visitors are invited to visit the famous Hong Kong Parks & Gardens. The vivid landscape and scenic backdrop allows you to relax and enjoy the largest aviary found along the Cotton Tree Drive. Bird exhibitions as well as local plant expositions within the greenhouse welcome guests with excitement. Another beautiful destination, which is home to a number of high-end hotels and restaurants, is Happy Valley. It also boasts of “Highcliff” and “The Summit” which are located facing Mount Nicholson and the rest of Hong Kong. Happy Valley Racecourse also allows tourists to listen to thundering hoofs and cheering crowds at the heart of the city.

Frequent Local Destinations

For a serene experience, tourists visit Wong Tai Sin Temple, the city’s most interesting temple that opens from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. The temple’s traditional Chinese architecture delights tourists as they offer prayers and petitions via a practice called Kau Cim. Soothsayers and palm readers are also available to interpret your fortune. After a tranquil experience, visitors are encouraged to drop by and shop at the Temple Street Night Market, which opens from 2:00 pm and onwards. Temple Street boasts of its wide array of cheap but quality products available in more than a hundred stalls. Tourist, after shopping, may also treat themselves to a show at the Cantonese Opera.

Since September 2005, Hong Kong’s biggest attraction is Hong Kong Disneyland, which attracts more than 5.2 visitors per year. The park is accessible by train, bus or taxi and an overnight stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel entitles occupants free tickets to access another day filled with magical experience. After a fulfilling visit at Disneyland, tourists may visit Victoria Harbor to view one of the world’s busiest and exotic harbors. The conclusion of the trip may well be a visit to Kowloon’s Markets for souvenirs, fashion items, computer goods, flowers, goldfish and other hard to find items.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ibiza, Spain- Ideal Summer Place

Ibiza, Spain and the waterfront. Famous people spent their summer vacation in this beautiful and wonderful paradise.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Incredible City of Peshawar, Pakistan

Photo by Umair Mohsin

Peshawar is a well known City of Pakistan. Peshawar earned its reputation as one of the Oldest Living Cities in Asia. It brims with a rich and incredible Pakhtun culture that reflects the lifestyle and unique practices of the people of Pakistan.

VISA and Passports

You need a VISA, a passport and a return ticket to travel to Pakistan. The VISA and passport must be for 6 months, except in instances when you have a Pakistan Origin Card or POC and when you are just a transit visitor who is bound to move on within 24 hours. Have a copy of your VISA and passport whenever you are traveling around.

Language Spoken

Variety of dialects are spoken in Peshawar due to the influences of several cultures. Hindkowans and Pashtuns speak their language and there are some who speak Saraiki, Punjabi , Dari, Urdu and other native tongues. Since the British had a certain influence on the country, you can expect learned people to speak English, and some locals know basic English.

Mode of Transportation

Rail services are the main national means of transportation, with train stops in major cities like Peshawar. Within the city, autorickshaws, cabs and buses are the means of transportation. The most inexpensive means of traveling is through the metro rail system.

Peshawar Currency

The currency is Pakistan Rupee or PKR. One dollar is 85.53 PKR. Conversion is higher in the block market but you would be safer when you exchange your currency in legitimate Currency Exchange Shops. You must count your money before leaving the shop’s counter. You may also opt to do so in the hotel where you are billeted or in the airport itself. ATMs are available but because of constant power shortage, it is not a recommended method for travelers.

Safety Concerns

Just like in any other foreign city, Peshawar is a beautiful, exotic city, but you have to stay street smart by going with groups. Avoid traveling alone especially during the night. Avoid places where there are very few people unless you are with a trusted company. There were past terrorists attacks, so stay only in places where policemen are on guard or where locals feel safe. Recent visitors testified that Peshawar’s terrorists activities have declined because of the ban on illegal guns, but still it is better to plan for such contingencies and be ready at all times.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Show: Tips on Organizing it

Abroad, and all over the globe, people watch fashion shows to see new trends. Organizing a Fashion Show is one of the exciting, challenging things that could happen to a person, especially if the person happens to be a woman.

Most women love clothes and what better way to express this than to organize a show that would feature all those amazing clothes that a person could wear.

Exciting as it is though, there are certain steps that you should follow to ensure the smooth operation of the show.

Just like any activity, the first thing to consider is the budget. How much money is the producer willing to spend? After knowing your financial boundaries, you are now ready to create your dynamic plan.

The venue that you choose should befit your show. Inspect the area and determine if needed props, camera, stage effects, sounds and lights could be provided for, without any problem. Is there sufficient space for your spot lights? What about for runways and stage effects? These are simple questions which you should ask yourself.

Choose carefully the theme of the show. This will largely depend upon the season of the year. If it's summer, then perhaps you can have the theme:" Summer Essentials", etc. Be sure that the theme is catchy and easy to remember; that way people would be curious and would be enjoined to watch your show.

Select a music that jives with your theme. If it's a summer show, then something "light and jovial" would be appropriate. The music should enhance the beauty and style of the clothes.

Then choose wisely the clothes and apparel you would like to parade on stage. This is where your models come in.

Are the clothes better looking when your models wear them?

Do the models give justice to the design and colors of the clothes?

Remember the focus is on the clothes and not on your models. The awesome intricacies of the clothes should be emphasized when your models wear them.

Have a dress rehearsal, complete with the newly installed runways, stage presentation, sounds and light effects.

All persons involved in the show, should be there during the dress rehearsal to ensure that everyone knows what he/she is supposed to be doing at a particular time.

Even photographers should know the special spot where they can take pictures.
Be sure to insert an intermission, like a dance or a song number. This will break the ice if something went wrong and if the show tends to be monotonous.
This may also be a time to give your models a push or pat on the back for better performance.
Do not prolong the show unnecessarily because it might ore your audience. A 20-40 minute show would keep the audience's interest alive.

Lastly, do not forget to promote your show!

Your grand preparation would all come to naught if no one watches it. Prepare flyers or leaflets indicating the date and venue. Announce the scheduled show whenever you are given the chance. Ask friends to spread the word. Advertise in newspapers, radio and TV stations.

You're now all set to have the grandest fashion show of your life, no matter how small or big it is. This is because without you, the show would not have been conceptualized.

Photo by Alaskan Dude's photostream

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parasitism in Third World Countries

You can answer this question by observing the status of third world countries. Third world countries are usually underdeveloped economically and technologically. There are more homeless people and more incidences of poverty than in fully developed countries. Even some of the living conditions are unhealthy and unsafe, especially in the squatters’ areas. Here are specific reasons why parasitism is more common in their world countries.

A sizable chunk of the population lives in squatters’ areas where environmental sanitation is poor, and the surroundings harbor the parasites. Parasites reside in warm, moist soil and dirty surroundings. The poor population does not have the capacity to go to school so they are not aware of the mode of transmission of parasitic agents. Being unaware of these, they would not take precautions. Those who were found out to be infected could not go for treatment because of financial constraints. The lucky ones who were able to, sometimes lack the financial capacity to buy needed medicine, or when they have money, the medicine is scarce. There are not enough health centers and health professionals to conduct efficient health services.

In third world countries, sometimes the rural areas are unattended because of the lack of personnel and medical equipment. Due to several people with parasitism, re-infection occurs and even autoinfection. Parasitism keeps recurring because of the inability to live in clean, comfortable, and healthy environment. The presence of secondary hosts are more common in third world countries because families tend to place their poultry and pigpen near their abode because of lack of space and ignorance of the diseases and parasites these animals could pass on to humans.

In, third world countries , brain drain usually occurs because skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, medical technologists and physical therapists are going abroad to earn and at least live a comfortable life. This leaves the country lacking in health-allied personnel. Solving this problem by increasing the minimum wages of these professionals would help a lot in solving this problem. Third world countries have less updated technology so everything moves in a slow motion. Delivery of health care services is one of them, resulting to sickness, parasitism among one of them.

If there is a sustainable, health program that would have goals of efficient delivery of goods and services and sufficient campaigns to create public awareness, then the perennial problem of parasitism would definitely be resolved, and slowly be controlled and eventually eradicated. Fully developed countries have preventive measures in place to readily correct the problem.

Photo by: euthman's photostream

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Naples, Italy - A Place to Be

Naples, Italy is a place you should not miss, if you visit Italy. There are grand festivals that reflect the religious culture of Italy. People in Naples, being predominantly Catholic, are pious observers of Catholic festivals, rituals and practices. This explains the great number of religious festivals they celebrate all year round. Here are two big festivals celebrated annually by this picturesque Italian city.

Photo by: BellaBim

Festa di Piedigrotta

Celebrated on September 3 to 13, this is a festival held in honor of the Madonna or Virgin Mary in the Church of Piedigrotta. As years progressed, the festival slowly transformed from a purely religious celebration and pilgrimage into a huge party. People exhibit to the public their various inventions in art, music and cinema. A Neopolitan song-writing festival is simultaneously held, in which singers and composers present songs written using the Neopolitan language. This is one of the grandest and well-attended festivals in Naples.

San Gennaro Festival

This is the annual feast of San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. Every year, the throng of believers usually flocks to the altar of the Cathedral of Naples to witness a miracle. This miracle is the liquefaction of the ampoule of dried blood of the beheaded saint, centuries ago. The festival starts with a procession and a viewing of the miracle at the altar. The people then proceed outside where Italian food, dances, curio stalls, religious shops, wonderful musical treats are featured. This festival attracts numerous tourists, who are entertained by Italian music, dances and delicious, native dishes. The festivities usually last for a week, from September 16 to 26.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Princess Di in Disneyland, Japan

This pretty and intelligent lady has been to the land of Cherry Blossoms. During her visit though, there were no cherry blossoms in sight, she took pictures of Disneyland instead , where she and her beloved "ehem", romped and played like kids in the wonderful land of Tinkerbell, fairies and palaces.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures she took during that visit.

Determined to pursue her long time dream of being the Mother Therese for the sick, this young lady would definitely be an asset to the profession she plans to enroll in. Good luck princess Di, I know you'll succeed in all of your aspirations and plans in life. Mabuhay ka!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Healthy Life is a Wealthy Life

Health is one aspect that we should take care of. If we lose it, we lose everything. We have to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to live healthy. The following are recommended practices:

Eat right

You have to eat right, so that you will not be storing excess fats in your body . Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and decrease fat and lipid intake.

Avoid alcohol

It does not only lead to liver cirrhosis but it also causes malnutrition because some of the foodstuff are not absorbed exactly as they should be. Alcohol also prevents the excretion of uric acid exacerbating hyperuricemia or gouty arthritis.

Avoid cigarettes

This causes lung cancer because of the nicotine content of the cigarette. It destroys the alveoli and is therefore one major cause of lung cancer.

Drink lots of water

Cells need water to be able to function well, Without water, cells could not perform their biochemical functions. The body is composed of 60 % to 70 % of water and the body needs a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.

Sleep right

The body needs sleep to be able to rejuvenate itself. Sleep releases some enzymes and allows cells to rejuvenate. There are hormones which are released more during sleep, like the growth hormone. If we lack sleep, this will result to disorientation, lack of muscle coordination and dementia. Our total body function suffers and all our senses will not be functioning properly.

Making sure you are insured is one way of ensuring your health future. You should know through legitimate insurance leads where to avail of a good one. To ensure your health m you also have to make sure that services you can avail when you are sick are there for you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sir Mel's Continuing Saga - Abroad in China

Sir Mel in the great, historic walls of China, enjoying a "stroll". The story to his travels in the next edition.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Revenue Sharing, a Sure Ticket to a 6 Digit Income

Blogging and network marketing are a fad these days. Revenue sharing is one vital aspect from which an online user could make money. This is also the principle behind affiliate marketing and Multi Level Marketing or MLM. Great earnings are generated from this Internet Business strategy. If you want to start earning your 6-digit income, grab this opportunity to make big money online.

Let’s say your business is about Housing and Urban Development HUD apartments for rent, and then you can make use of other Internet marketers to advertise your services of products. Whatever sales you gain from these apartments, you will have to share these with whoever has brought in your buyer.

You could include in your advertisement the new hotel Dubai and share whatever revenue you bring in, in terms of suite or room rentals. You can apply the principle of profit sharing in any other product as long as the product is included in the profit sharing scheme. All you have to do is to display the product or the services in your site and earn when a visitor clicks on the link or buys the product or services.

The revenue sharing may come from references also. Internet marketers usually make use of Pay Per Click or PPC, in which revenue is shared when a visitor clicks on the advertising widget or Ad. This is a great money earner if marketers have a broad networking influence. If you have a superb product, you should couple your marketing strategy with lots of smart techniques. Making use of Internet tools or applications to help you market your product is a good technique. Post your product links in as many sites as you can. In addition, your revenue sharing will surely increase tremendously whether your business is on HUD apartments or hotel rooms.