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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road Motor Bikes for International Biking

This is not a paid post.

Bikes (also called as motorcycles, motorbikes, bikes, cycles) are one of the most affordable modes of transport nowadays. Motorists are now shifting to purchase bikes instead of expensive cars, considering that it is the most fuel-efficient vehicle, especially at present that there is a continuous increase in fuel rate. However, before you purchase one, be sure to assess yourself first if you are a responsible driver because one of the major causes of road accidents currently involves road bikes.

If you are a first time buyer, there are many things that you must take into consideration when purchasing one.

1.The price of your bike must be within your budget but not compromising its power and durability. You do not need to have a bike with 1000cc or above. 500-600cc bike is a great choice but a 125cc is fine when learning the ride for the first time. Pick one, which is cheaper but has great performance.

2.You must decide how to pay for it. It is either you get a loan from a bank, through financing or pay it cash. The last one is better. Saving is a great choice by paying it cash, it would lessen the dilemma of letters/notices coming in every month, and expensive interests that would make you realize how expensive your road bike is, afterwards.

3.Pay necessary payments like insurance fee, registration fee etc for your road bike. Do not be so excited because there are many more things to consider such as the specifications of the bike and its availability. To help you solve this problem, here are three of the best-seller bikes nowadays; complete with specifications and prices.

First is the Honda XRM125rs.

This superior ride on-road bike is oozing with 124.8cc displacement, a compression ratio of 9.3:1 “1.2Mpa” with a 4 stroke, over-head cam (OHC), air-cooled engine type. It has a maximum output of 6.9kw/7,500rpm and a maximum torque of 10.4n-M/5,000rpm. Its fuel tank capacity is 3.8 liters and seat height is 751mm. Its gear system is rotary gearshift pattern and ignition system is DC-CDI battery. Why settle for less because your can own this stylish and powerful bike for about $ 12, 688.00.

•Second in the line is the newest member of Yamaha family, which is the Yamaha Vega. You could use this road bike daily for easy riding. It is a smooth, easy riding, fuel efficient in one. It has 113cc displacement a compression ratio of 8.8:1 with 4 strokes, SOHC 2 valve, and forced air-cooled engine. Its maximum horsepower is 5.7kw/8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.4n-M/ 6,500rpm. Its fuel tank capacity is 4.1 liters and a seat height of 745mm. Its ignition system is same as Honda XRM125rs. This ride can be yours for about $14,881.00.

•And the last but not the least is the Suzuki Raider 150. This road bike is the fastest motorcycle in the underbone category oozing with 150cc displacement, a compression ratio of 10.2:1 with a 4-stroke TWIN cam 4 valved- DOHC. Its maximum horsepower is 16.0kw/9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.76n-M/8,500rpm. Its fuel tank capacity is 4.9 liters with a fuel consumption of approximately 35km/L. The main feature of this road bike is that it has full-length front shock, rear monoshock suspension and six-speed short gear ratio transmission. It can be yours for only $ 19,700.00.

There they are! All you have to do is prepare your money and requirements (if planning for financing or loan), go to the nearest bike dealer, and buy the bike that your heart desires.

Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz


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