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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sir Mel and His Travel Journals

Traveling has always been my dream, but up to now, I still have not traveled anywhere abroad. I haven't even seen the insides of a plane. lol... Yes, Virginia, you would have thought I am well traveled. In a sense, I am, because I love to read, but this is still one item in my Bucket List, which I want fulfilled in this lifetime.

Imagine how delighted I was when a colleague allowed me to use his pictures to post in my blog.

Sir Mel, as everyone calls him, is a Doctor of Philosophy and a well traveled person. He has been to Thailand, China, US, and now to Japan. He cultivated friends in every country he went to, and is a well-respected professional in his field.

I will try to force his hand to write his adventures eventually.

So join me in welcoming the start of a series of travel journals for Sir Mel. Thanks again sir, for the opportunity to feature you in my blog.