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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazing Array of Reliable Translators in One

Blogging has made the world smaller. It unites people from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world, no matter what country you belong to. I have met bloggers from the US, Italy, India, Singapore and Canada through the internet. One of the major problems that I usually encounter is how to communicate with bloggers who speak a different language. I love most specially the French language because I find it romantic and I like how the vowel sounds roll in my tongue. At times, I had run to translators on line to learn the meaning of a sentence or two.

These free translators translate the word into English definitely but I know I could not solely rely on these free online translators. You know why? Because when I composed a sentence in my national language and allowed this to be translated, the translation came out as “funny.” Like when I let the Filipino sentence “Ano ang ulam mo ngayon?” (What is your viand now?)be translated, the free online translator gave this data back – “What are your dishes now? “ It is partially correct but still, if I’ll be using the translation in a formal paper, it would be rejected because the sentence structure is wrong. These small errors may cost you your job, or a possible job offer.

That’s why having skilled translators online who are native speakers or experts in specific languages translate your work at an affordable cost is a superb service that I would recommend. The turn around time is also faster than most translators online. They translate and decode properly whatever language you would like your work to be translated to. You may even get a free translation as a bonus. Next time you want your work expertly translated, seek the services of expert translators.