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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Healthy Life is a Wealthy Life

Health is one aspect that we should take care of. If we lose it, we lose everything. We have to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to live healthy. The following are recommended practices:

Eat right

You have to eat right, so that you will not be storing excess fats in your body . Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and decrease fat and lipid intake.

Avoid alcohol

It does not only lead to liver cirrhosis but it also causes malnutrition because some of the foodstuff are not absorbed exactly as they should be. Alcohol also prevents the excretion of uric acid exacerbating hyperuricemia or gouty arthritis.

Avoid cigarettes

This causes lung cancer because of the nicotine content of the cigarette. It destroys the alveoli and is therefore one major cause of lung cancer.

Drink lots of water

Cells need water to be able to function well, Without water, cells could not perform their biochemical functions. The body is composed of 60 % to 70 % of water and the body needs a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.

Sleep right

The body needs sleep to be able to rejuvenate itself. Sleep releases some enzymes and allows cells to rejuvenate. There are hormones which are released more during sleep, like the growth hormone. If we lack sleep, this will result to disorientation, lack of muscle coordination and dementia. Our total body function suffers and all our senses will not be functioning properly.

Making sure you are insured is one way of ensuring your health future. You should know through legitimate insurance leads where to avail of a good one. To ensure your health m you also have to make sure that services you can avail when you are sick are there for you.