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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sir Mel's Next Stop - China

Breathtaking, no, no, not you sir Mel, the

Before the ancient structures the Lost City.

"It was awesome," sir Mel described The Great Wall of China.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ensure your Future with a Health Insurance

Sickness comes and goes like a thief in the night. If you are not careful, you will be caught in its vortex and you will be able to come out of it. That is why you have to ensure that you have supporting factors to help you out. You should have a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health.

1. Eat the right food. Increase your vegetable diet and fruit consumption. Avoid fat and dairy products. Decrease sugar consumption. Avoid too much carbohydrate, if your life is sedentary.

2.Drink lots of water and avoid coffee and alcohol. Coffee contains caffeine, and alcohol is metabolized to acetaldehyde. Both are addictive and are detrimental to the body because they cause physical and psychological independence.

3.Exercise regularly. You can do simple exercises like walking, or jogging in place. This can be done daily for 30 minutes onwards, or you could also do it thrice a week.

4.Sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you are an adolescent, then you need more sleep for growth and development. You could still grow tall when growth hormone is released during sleep.

These are the basics for good health. It also pays to have a life and health insurance ready for security purposes. Insurance leads will connect you with appropriate agents who can help you search for the health insurance that you specifically need.

Agents could also connect with insurance leads to obtain clients who are truly interested in applying for health insurance. This company provided agents genuine interested people who would like to apply for health insurance.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sir Mel and His Travel Journals

Traveling has always been my dream, but up to now, I still have not traveled anywhere abroad. I haven't even seen the insides of a plane. lol... Yes, Virginia, you would have thought I am well traveled. In a sense, I am, because I love to read, but this is still one item in my Bucket List, which I want fulfilled in this lifetime.

Imagine how delighted I was when a colleague allowed me to use his pictures to post in my blog.

Sir Mel, as everyone calls him, is a Doctor of Philosophy and a well traveled person. He has been to Thailand, China, US, and now to Japan. He cultivated friends in every country he went to, and is a well-respected professional in his field.

I will try to force his hand to write his adventures eventually.

So join me in welcoming the start of a series of travel journals for Sir Mel. Thanks again sir, for the opportunity to feature you in my blog.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Singapore; The Lion City

By Elmot

Singapore is one of the smallest island city-state in the world located in Aisa. Despite of that it is also listed as one of the most popular destination by tourists as it boasts of its many man-made attractions, cleanliness and the discipline of its residents, internationally-recognized good governance by its leaders and the admiration of nations of rising from an obscure island to become the 5th wealthiest nation in the world. It is thus not only a paradise for first time visitors but also for all those who wants to invest in the most business-friendly economy in the world. ( Its vibrant atmosphere and dynamic blend of different cultures are things to behold.

Photo from Wikipedia

The Favorite:

Sentosa: One should never miss visiting this lush paradise island off the southern part of main island Singapore. It is perfect mix of enjoying nature’s unparalleled beauty, man-made landmarks and cultural shows. Some of the main attractions on this beautiful island are the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, riding the 1.6 kilometer Cable Car, Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa CineBlast, MegaZip Adventure Park, Underwater World and Wave House Sentosa (

National Museum of Singapore: Located at Stanford Road, it is the oldest museum in Singapore that houses its rich history since its inception up to its dramatic transformation. Different events, festivals and exhibits are also hosted to entertain visitors. (

Merlion Park: The towering statue that symbolizes not only Singapore’s nationhood but also its humble history is one of the most recognizable landmark in the tiny island state. From starting out as a fishing village, it is now one of Asia's most active economy. Merlion is an 8.6-meter statue with a head of lion on a body of fish. (

Jurong Bird Park: Take time out and be with nature. 9,000 colorful birds from different countries around the are ready to be captured by your lens as they welcome you on a very enjoyable tour. An interactive and lively presentation in Birds n Buddies Show will also entertain all visitors.