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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Daughter is Arriving and Amazing Auto Information

This has been a long awaited moment. A daughter is arriving from abroad and they will be using the new car to fetch her from the airport. The airport gives only about 10 minutes for cars to come and go. This means, the car should be in tip top shape and the engine should not stutter to oblivion along the way. We made an over-all evaluation and had to bring it to a repair shop. My son was apprehensive because he wanted a service that has been proven to render quality and excellent service. After he went around the area, we finally found an auto repair shop that was efficient and organized in their services. Now, imagine if we didn’t go around in circles and have information at hand at the tip of our fingers. That would have saved time, effort and money. And the good news for those living in the area is that you could access information about Dallas auto repair within seconds. How convenient it is. You save time and you

If you want to find information about a Chevrolet Silverado that you were planning to buy , then that would be easy. You can find the data you need on all types of cars whether they be a Honda accord, Toyota camry, and all the other car models that you would like information.

Information about what other shops charge for the repairs , how specific parts are priced and even info about a brake job would also benefit you tremendously . It is not very often that services like these are available online . Grab this opportunity while you can and enjoy the benefits .of a free, efficient and reliable source of data about repair shops, prices and car models. What a fun and easy way to do it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Japan: Niigata-Koide SnowBall Fight

Sir Mel at the gates of the event. He seems enjoying himself.

The Niigata-Koide SnowBall Fight

Sir Mel romping in the snow, brrrrr, ang lamig niyan ha. But he's enjoying it.