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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Travel to Kalinga, Philippines

Ten hours away from Manila, Kalinga together with Apayao, is one of the four provinces belonging to the Mountain Provinces. It is 298.3 miles from the country’s capital by bus. Through air, it is about 3 hours. The other provinces are Bontoc, Ifugao and Benguet. While the rest of the provinces are nestled in mountainous regions, Kalinga has both mountainous areas and flatlands.

The primary means of livelihood is commerce and farming. Some traders from the city took residence in the province to conduct business. Tabuk, the previous capital of Kalinga when it was still separate province from Apayao, is the center of commerce and trade. People from the neighboring towns go to Tabuk to buy goods and spend some time for entertainment.

Places to visit and things to do

Chico River

Kalinga is famous for its white water rafting, where local and foreign tourists travel the long distance to enjoy the thrill of conquering the rambling, powerful Chico River. Two hours from Tabuk, the initial point of white water rafting would start in the village of Tinglayan. The Chico River snakes its way through several villages, Bangad, Lubo, Mangali, Taloctoc and back to Pasil in Tabuk.

They offer several runs and types whatever preferences the adventurer wants, whether just a short trip in the river and more of sightseeing or vice-versa. Whitewater rafting months are from June to January.

Sleeping Beauty

All of Kalinga is a place for sightseeing and a paradise with its unique flora and fauna. In the borders of Tinglayan and Tanudan are mountain ranges, which resemble the image of a reclining woman. Attached to these mountains, is a sad tale of love and romance, known as The Legend of the Sleeping Beauty. Native folks believed that the reclining woman waits for her beloved’s return. Through the years, the mountains had eroded and the figure is slowly deteriorating. But to local folks it is still The Sleeping Beauty. Tourists going on the whitewater rafting adventure, get a glimpse of sleeping beauty.

Hiking and mountain climbing

Hiking and mountain climbing is also one activity that visitors could engage in. There are several mountains for exploring Mother Nature. Basked in the stillness and calm of the environment and breathe the pristine air around you in the mountaintops. Taste delicious, wild guavas and cherries just growing in the mountaintops. Delight in the scenic view around you.

Whatever activity you decide to engage in, Kalinga is a good place to spend a respite from the bustling city life.