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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Revenue Sharing, a Sure Ticket to a 6 Digit Income

Blogging and network marketing are a fad these days. Revenue sharing is one vital aspect from which an online user could make money. This is also the principle behind affiliate marketing and Multi Level Marketing or MLM. Great earnings are generated from this Internet Business strategy. If you want to start earning your 6-digit income, grab this opportunity to make big money online.

Let’s say your business is about Housing and Urban Development HUD apartments for rent, and then you can make use of other Internet marketers to advertise your services of products. Whatever sales you gain from these apartments, you will have to share these with whoever has brought in your buyer.

You could include in your advertisement the new hotel Dubai and share whatever revenue you bring in, in terms of suite or room rentals. You can apply the principle of profit sharing in any other product as long as the product is included in the profit sharing scheme. All you have to do is to display the product or the services in your site and earn when a visitor clicks on the link or buys the product or services.

The revenue sharing may come from references also. Internet marketers usually make use of Pay Per Click or PPC, in which revenue is shared when a visitor clicks on the advertising widget or Ad. This is a great money earner if marketers have a broad networking influence. If you have a superb product, you should couple your marketing strategy with lots of smart techniques. Making use of Internet tools or applications to help you market your product is a good technique. Post your product links in as many sites as you can. In addition, your revenue sharing will surely increase tremendously whether your business is on HUD apartments or hotel rooms.