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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Show: Tips on Organizing it

Abroad, and all over the globe, people watch fashion shows to see new trends. Organizing a Fashion Show is one of the exciting, challenging things that could happen to a person, especially if the person happens to be a woman.

Most women love clothes and what better way to express this than to organize a show that would feature all those amazing clothes that a person could wear.

Exciting as it is though, there are certain steps that you should follow to ensure the smooth operation of the show.

Just like any activity, the first thing to consider is the budget. How much money is the producer willing to spend? After knowing your financial boundaries, you are now ready to create your dynamic plan.

The venue that you choose should befit your show. Inspect the area and determine if needed props, camera, stage effects, sounds and lights could be provided for, without any problem. Is there sufficient space for your spot lights? What about for runways and stage effects? These are simple questions which you should ask yourself.

Choose carefully the theme of the show. This will largely depend upon the season of the year. If it's summer, then perhaps you can have the theme:" Summer Essentials", etc. Be sure that the theme is catchy and easy to remember; that way people would be curious and would be enjoined to watch your show.

Select a music that jives with your theme. If it's a summer show, then something "light and jovial" would be appropriate. The music should enhance the beauty and style of the clothes.

Then choose wisely the clothes and apparel you would like to parade on stage. This is where your models come in.

Are the clothes better looking when your models wear them?

Do the models give justice to the design and colors of the clothes?

Remember the focus is on the clothes and not on your models. The awesome intricacies of the clothes should be emphasized when your models wear them.

Have a dress rehearsal, complete with the newly installed runways, stage presentation, sounds and light effects.

All persons involved in the show, should be there during the dress rehearsal to ensure that everyone knows what he/she is supposed to be doing at a particular time.

Even photographers should know the special spot where they can take pictures.
Be sure to insert an intermission, like a dance or a song number. This will break the ice if something went wrong and if the show tends to be monotonous.
This may also be a time to give your models a push or pat on the back for better performance.
Do not prolong the show unnecessarily because it might ore your audience. A 20-40 minute show would keep the audience's interest alive.

Lastly, do not forget to promote your show!

Your grand preparation would all come to naught if no one watches it. Prepare flyers or leaflets indicating the date and venue. Announce the scheduled show whenever you are given the chance. Ask friends to spread the word. Advertise in newspapers, radio and TV stations.

You're now all set to have the grandest fashion show of your life, no matter how small or big it is. This is because without you, the show would not have been conceptualized.

Photo by Alaskan Dude's photostream