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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donnie Darko Costumes for Halloween in America

If you want to wear the most fearsome Halloween costume try the scariest Donnie Darko Costume. The costumes were inspired by the 2001 psycho-thriller film Donnie Darko. The movie is about a very disturbed teenager who sleep walks and sees an imaginary evil friend Frank the Bunny. Frank the Bunny tells Donnie that his world would end in 28 days. Donnie Darco hallucinates of death and evil things happening in his surroundings. The movie was not a hit and it almost did not break even. The film; however, gained a following and a cult when it was shown in videos.

Donnie Darko Rabbit costumes

Frank the Bunny costume for kids is a Donnie Darko costume that your kids will love to wear to Halloween. Let your child give the neighbors a fright this Halloween with the ragdoll Frank Bunny costume or the, deluxe Frank Bunny costume for kids. Included in the costume is the scary mask and a rabbit bodysuit. You can also mix and match the skeleton costume with Frank the Bunny mask.

Frank the Bunny costume for adults

The adult Frank the Bunny costume is a creepy scary costume that will surely make your friends shout with fright. It includes abody suit made of 100% polyester, and a full mask made of latex, and 100% polyester. It is available in one size that fits most adults. Available in most stores is the officially licensed Donnie Darko

Frank the Bunny costume priced at $149 to $200.

Before you decide to buy any Donnie Darko costume shop online and compare prices. You can actually buy your Halloween costume at the lowest price if you have the patience to search. Your best Donnie Darko costume is just a click away. Wear your Donnie Darko costume and inflict fear and terror to your neighbors.