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Friday, February 25, 2011

Job Options for Medical Technology Graduates

What is the future of Medical Technology graduates abroad? Graduates of the course Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT) can be employed in various lucrative jobs because of the extent of their training. The Medical Technologist can apply for these different job specifications:

1. As a scientific researcher

A medical technologist is trained in conducting scientific research works. He is familiar with the empirical approach and would be skilled on research procedures and the like. His training on aseptic methods would contribute greatly to the success of the undertaking.

2. As an educator

Who would be more effective in teaching medical technology students than a BSMT graduate himself? Additional masters and doctoral degrees are of course needed to teach in college.

3. As a medical technologist in a hospital or clinic

A medical technologist is always needed in a hospital or clinic. The number though will depend upon the needs of the hospital. Sometimes only few are needed.

4. As a medical representative

As a health allied professional, the medical technologist has a basic background on drugs and hospital equipment making him the best candidate for a medical representative.

5. As a co-owner of a clinic cum laboratory

The medical technologist could team up with a doctor in putting up a clinic and a laboratory. Both will share in the expenditures and the earnings. What is good in this partnership is that the Med. Tech. will surely have clients from his doctor-partner.

6. As a private entrepreneur

Putting up a free standing clinical laboratory would be the best option. The medical technologist can now be the owner of the laboratory. He could also establish branches in other areas increase the services offered and be at liberty to charge prices within the confines of what the law allows.

He has to produce; however, enough capital for this and should have a resident Pathologist as Chief of the Laboratory.

Before this could be accomplished, feasibility studies should be conducted first to determine if the locale is appropriate and the laboratory services are needed in that area.

A medical technology graduate indeed, has several job options. If he would prefer to pursue schooling, then proceeding to medicine is a rewarding endeavor. Pursuing a masters and then a doctoral degree would also be a good move. Although hospitals need a minimal number of med. techs. there's nothing to worry about because the job options above would ensure that there will always be a field where they can fit in.