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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working Abroad and Coping with Loneliness

For the billions of people working abroad to provide better lives for their families, here are three cheers for you. Hep, hep hurray. Hep hep hurray. Hep hep hurray!

If you are working abroad, away from your family, it is common to feel loneliness and homesickness. Here are ways on how to cope with this problem:

1. Socialize and find friends - you can go out and enjoy times together, instead of wallowing in your loneliness inside your room.

2. Read a paperback novel - if you are not the extrovert type, you can stay in the comforts in your room and read a paperback novel instead. There are numerous books available offline and online, which you can purchase easily and at affordable prices.

3. Attend bible or meeting prayers- this is to strengthen your moral fiber and to allow you to belong to a group that you could share your concerns and problems. You would find many who have the same concerns as you have.

Whatever method you select, choose one that could work for you effectively. Working abroad would then be an adventure and a self-fulfilling experience.