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Friday, June 26, 2015

Dealing with Loneliness Abroad, Signs a Relative is Lonely

Oftentimes, relatives are the last persons to learn that a member of the family is lonely. Being a member of your family, you should take it upon yourself to see to it that this malady is not experienced by any relative.

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Loneliness is a place no one would like to go into, and your relatives are no exceptions.

Your relative may be lonely simply because no one would like to listen, or to spend time with him. This is sad because family members should be aware of each the problems of other family members, and support one another through difficult times. One of these is coping with loneliness.

Knowing when a relative is lonely; however, could be a gargantuan task if you don’t know exactly what to do. You have to remember that there are several aspects you have to observe to determine this. These aspects involve the verbal and non-verbal signs.

You have to include the non-verbal signs because there would be some instances when a relative says he is not lonely but he is. Observing his actions closely would reveal the truth. As the cliché goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

To make it easier for you to detect if a relative is lonely, here is a checklist that you could tick off. If you have checked more than one item, then it could indicate that your relative is indeed lonely.

He drinks alcohol often. Most people who drink alcohol often find solace in it. With the temporary refuge that alcohol provides he is able to forget his insecurities and problems, but tends to remember more afterwards. If this drinking hobby does not stop, then he would become an alcoholic.

He is into illicit drugs. When a person has no one to turn to, or no fruitful activities to do, or no group to belong to, he finds refuge also in drugs. Illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin gives him the false, temporary feeling of security and happiness he seeks. Illicit drugs are addictive and continuous use of these harmful substances is detrimental.

He smokes a lot. Most people smoke because they believe it could relieve stress and loneliness. When a relative smokes a lot, he may be needing company to do more useful activities with. The fact is that smoking does no relieve stress. Smoking can turn addictive as well, and the reason for continued smoking would be addiction then.

He has moments of depression. If he cries out of the blue, and suddenly laughs the next moment, this could be a sign of depression. Being depressed more often is one sign of loneliness. Your relative is actually crying for help. He is lonely and wants company and love very badly.

These are a few signs that a relative is lonely. If you notice any of these signs in your relative, you may want to have a heart to heart talk with him to get down to the root problem. He may not admit it orally, but talking to him and helping him come to terms with the truth may solve the problem.

Remember, that no man is an island. Every person needs someone to interact with. So next time you see these signs in a relative, spend time with him to know the reason; he may only be in need of your companionship.